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Why is Hunting With Bows or Crossbows Banned in Germany?

By Carson November 03, 2020 0 comments

Just like other career fields, hunting also has its limitations. Different states have different policies about hunting. There are states and countries where bowhunting is illegal. Now, you might be wondering, why is hunting with bows or crossbows banned in Germany?

Before you start selecting your best Bowhunt hero product, it's crucial to set some boundaries to know which countries you are allowed to use it. Read on and find out why Germany has banned bow hunting.


Is bowhunting in Germany illegal?

Yes. Bowhunting in some European countries is illegal. But why is hunting with bows or crossbows banned in Germany? The government has banned it due to the fear of poaching in a densely-populated country.

Besides that, Germany also banned crossbows due to the animal rights crowd. But that doesn't mean you cannot hunt in Germany at all. It only means that when you hunt, crossbows do not belong to the approved hunting tools list. You need to find another hunting weapon to do so.

Hunters also need to observe the general German principles of fair hunting. However, your right to hunt in this country is still within the limits of the law imposed by the government.


Bowhunting Brands in the Market

Traditional hunting involves using a bow and an arrow instead of a gun. If you are interested in bowhunting, you may be wondering what companies make hunting bows? Here's a list of the best bowhunting brands in the market that are worth checking out:


1.  Barnett Crossbows

Barnett Crossbows is one of the leading manufacturers of crossbows and slingshot products in the industry. Most of their models are quick and easy to handle. It is the go-to choice for beginners in hunting and archery. Not to mention, the prices of their products are very affordable.


2.  Excalibur

This brand of crossbows is under the Bowtech company and was first established in 1983. The company is known for its accurate, recurve crossbows and a wide range of archery accessories. Most of their popular models include the Matrix Mega 405, the Ibex SM, and Assassin 420 TD.


3.      Martin Archery

The Martin Family has been producing quality bows for over 60 years. If you are looking for excellent craftsmanship, durability, and sleek appearance, choose this brand. It has also been inducted into the highly-recognized Hall of Fame of Archery. Martin Archery bows are available in almost every country.


Why is Hunting With Bows or Crossbows Banned in Germany

What are the Best Hunting Bows?

What are the best hunting bows? If you are looking for the most suitable bow for your next hunting expedition, take a look at the best hunting bows in the Bowhunt Hero today:


1.      Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow

This crossbow is one of the best in the market, featuring a fiberglass composite step through riser and soft-lok floaing bristle arrow retainer. For your safety, the crossbow also comes with an anti-dry trigger system and metal injection molded trigger. It can deliver a speed of up to 400 fps. The bow only weighs 6.9 pounds and has a draw weight of 165 pounds.


2.      Centerpoint CP400 Crossbow

This bow is for advanced hunters, featuring an innovative blended technology via HeliCoil technology and features a custom designed riser and stock. The Centerpoint crossbow can deliver up to 400 fps and excellent down range accuracy. With a compact length of 31.75”, it can provide the most-needed mobility when in the field. The package includes a three carbon arrows, rope cocker, illuminated scope, and a parallel quiver.


3.      Damon Howatt Hibrido Recurve Bow

This sleek-looking recurve bow from Damon Howatt is a solid investment for anyone who hunts for a livelihood. The recurve bow is built to last, having been made of durable Zebrawood. It features a riser with commemorative Gail Martin coin. The bow only weighs 1.5 pounds and is easy to carry. Thanks to its durable handmade construction, rest assured that it can last for years to come.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know the answer to the question, why is hunting with bows or crossbows banned in Germany? There are no possible bowhunting opportunities that await you there. Albeit some countries have banned the use of crossbows, it doesn’t mean you should limit yourself and miss the opportunities of developing your hunting skills. There are states where bowhunting is legal, allowing you to make the most of your hunting bow.

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