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What is the Best Mission Crossbow on the Market?

By Joe M August 31, 2020 0 comments

Choosing the best mission crossbow is one step closer to becoming a professional hunter. If you want to bag the big game, you won't step into the forest with a mission crossbow you can't entirely rely on.

Mission crossbows aren't cheap. Hence, you need to choose the right crossbow for you. There are factors to consider when selecting a mission crossbow that will fit your style and is suitable for your needs.

So, you might be asking, what is the best mission crossbow on the market? Today, we will review the top five best mission crossbows that are worth looking at:


What is Mission Crossbow?

A mission crossbow is a brand under Matthews. It is known for manufacturing high-end and reliable vertical bows. The brand is also famous for its smooth draw weight and length, making it a good choice for both novice and professional hunters. Aside from excellent crossbows, the manufacturer also offers one of the best aftersales customer services. They are known to provide excellent warranty coverage in the industry.

So, what is the best mission crossbow in the market? The brand builds crossbows with a hunter in mind. Rest assured that you will be able to find the right crossbow for you with its vast collection.


Are Mission Crossbows Any Good?

With so many crossbows to choose from in the market, why select Mission crossbows? If you are an aspiring hunter, you must have heard of Matt McPherson and Matthews. They are behind the brand Mission, and through the years, they have produced the best crossbows in the market.

Mission crossbows are designed with excellent quality materials, delivers high performance, and shipped in efficient packages. Rest assured that even a beginner will feel comfortable using such an advanced crossbow. The prices for their crossbows are reasonable, as it is built for last for years.


Top 5 Best Mission Crossbows

Here is a list of the best mission crossbows in the market. Take a closer look at each product to find what is best for you.

1. Mission Sub-1 XR Crossbow Pro-kit Black

Mission Sub-1 XR Crossbow Pro-kit Black

If your priority is a hard-hitting accuracy and robust stealth, look at the Mission Sub-1 XR Crossbow Pro-kit in black. Featuring the innovative Benchmark Fire Control technology, you can de-cock the crossbow safely with a single press of a button.

Thanks to its compact frame and weight of only 7.6 pounds, bringing it to the forest will never be a problem. Its high-quality craftsmanship helps you to achieve an ultimate shooting experience.

The mission crossbow has a trigger pull of 3.0 pounds and a Powerstroke of 14.625 inches. It features a patented flight deck that helps deliver accuracy, and its patented CNC machined rail can reduce vertical nock travel. The Mission Sub-1 XR is also one of the few mission crossbows that features a fully synced cam system for a precise release of your arrow. Now you can cock and de-cock your mission crossbow effortlessly.

Taking a closer look, the pistol grip is artfully contoured to give you a tight grip. It also features the RSD system—a noiseless mechanical cocking device compatible with all mission crossbows. That way, draw your bow without making a single sound.


2. Mission Sub-1 Crossbow Only Realtree Edge

Mission Sub-1 Crossbow Only Realtree Edge

The Mission Sub-1 Crossbow Realtree Edge is built to be accurate and consistent. It features an advanced trigger system that allows you to de-cock the bow with a button's single press. 

It features a compact frame and only weighs 7.5 pounds so that you can carry it easily into the forest. This mission crossbow is made of high-grade materials. It can withstand harsh elements of nature and also has a draw weight of 200 pounds.

The trigger pull is 3.4 pounds and has a length of 30.25. The package includes a rope cocker and soft case upon purchase of the product. This is an ideal choice for beginners who are looking for a mission crossbow on a tight budget.


3. Mission MXB 400 Crossbow Pro Package Lost AT

Mission MXB 400 Crossbow Pro Package Lost AT

If you ask a pro hunter the best mission crossbow in the market, the Mission MXB 400 will make it to the list. This incredible Mission Crossbow is lightweight and provides the right balance. It also delivers fantastic crossbow speeds of up to 400 fps. This mission crossbow is built to provide exceptional speed, lightweight, and maneuverability.

It features an X-cam technology that can yield great speed with less recoil and noise. Its RS tread serves as a foot-hold when you cock the crossbow. Its ALRS technology, on the other hand, helps you adjust the draw weight from 200 to 125 pounds.

There’s no need to use a bow press if you want to change the strings and cables of the MXB 400. It is designed for easiness of use and low maintenance. The bow only weighs 6.55 pounds, allowing you to bring it with you anywhere without difficulty. It has a width of 19.5” and length of 35”. Both the strings and cables are Zebra hybrid.

The package includes a two-color illuminated scope, three mission bolt/arrows, a mission crossbow case, mission MX-3 quiver, and variable speed upon purchase. It's a good buy for those who are in a budget.


4. Mission Charge Crossbow Pro Package Lost At

Mission Charge Crossbow Pro Package Lost At

Rugged and reliable, the Mission Charge Crossbow Pro Package Lost At is an excellent investment for both novice and professionals in hunting. It features a smart guide slide and an ultra-smooth draw cycle. That way, you can easily cock and de-cock the mission crossbow without difficulties.

The length of pull and comb is effortless to adjust. It features an adjustable Limb Retention System technology for optimal convenience when you are hunting. The mission crossbow can shoot up to 365 FPS.

It only weighs 6.9 pounds with a 22-pound draw weight, making it an ideal choice for beginners. It is 19.5 inches wide and 32 inches long with a 12.75-inch power stroke for a closer look.


5. Mission Sub-1 Lite Crossbow Pro-kit Realtree Edge

Mission Sub-1 Lite Crossbow Pro-kit Realtree Edge

The Mission Sub-1 Lite Crossbow Pro-Kit Realtree Edge is built to be one of the most accurate and noiseless crossbows for both beginners and professionals. It is designed to deliver groups, without fail, at less than one inch at 100 yards.

Moreover, it has an innovative trigger system. Like other mission crossbows on our list, you can de-cock it safely with a single press. Its frame is also compact and lightweight. The mission crossbow is made of high-grade material that is meant for heavy-duty use.

Its patented flight reduces any vertical nock travel. This mission crossbow also features a fully synced cam system and precision stock, allowing you to choose from six different lengths of pull adjustments and 1.25 inches comb adjustment.


Final Thoughts

Whether hunting is a livelihood or recreational activity for you, rest assured that Mission crossbows are worth the investment. Now that you know the best mission crossbow on the market, consider investing in it so you can practice before the deer season. Equipped with the right crossbows, your chances of hitting the big game increases. These revolutionary Mission crossbows will take your hunting to the next level.

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