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What is the 2020 General Deer Hunting Season Essentials?

By Joe M August 09, 2020 0 comments

As a hunter, you need to equip yourself with the proper tools before going to the field. Buying what is necessary will help you succeed in deer hunting. Whether you are still a novice or a pro hunter, it never hurts to bring these hunting gears. In this modern time, you can take advantage of technology to up your hunting game.

So now the question is, what are the 2020 general deer hunting season essentials? We’ve made a list of the most important hunting gears that you should bring with you next time you step into the forest.


Top 8 Deer Hunting Season Essentials to Buy in 2020

Here are the following 2020 general deer hunting season essentials that should be included in your backpack before going to the field.


1. First aid kit

first aid kit

You will never know what will happen once you set foot in the woods. Hence, you should bring a small first aid kit with you. The kit shouldn’t be too bulky. One antibacterial cream, a few bandages, an anti-itch cream, and hand sanitizer will do the trick if you accidentally hurt yourself.


2. Hunting bow

Hunting bow

A hunting bow is an essential tool that shouldn't be missing when you go into the field. Instead of carrying a gun, opt for a hunting bow instead. It reduces the noise and allows you to make a lethal shot to your target deer without a trace. Make sure to go to your archery shop to purchase the best hunting bow to suit your needs.


3. Tree hunting stand

This tool will allow you to use the terrain at your advantage and get above the level sight of a deer. Make sure to choose the right tree hunting stand for you so it can work effectively. And while you’re using it, wear a hunter safety harness. That way, you can keep yourself safe while climbing and standing atop the stand.


4. Hunting knife

This versatile hunting tool has many uses when you are in the woods. From cutting branches, field dressing a deer, or using it as a self-defense tool whenever necessary, it is crucial to bring a hunting knife with you.


5. Electric Hunting Bike

Bringing all your gears into the woods can be troublesome. E-bike is included in the list of 2020 general deer hunting season essentials due to its benefits. For instance, getting into position without being noticed has never been easier. Aside from that, carrying all your gears is much lighter when you have an e-bike compared to going bare. An e-bike is noiseless, compared to an ATV. If you don’t want to scare off the deer, you need to invest in a hunting e-bike. It also ensures that you don’t leave your scent everywhere compared to when you’re walking.


6. Deer drag

When you have successfully shot a deer, you will need something to transport your game back into the camp. Hence, consider carrying a deer drag. Hauling and transferring a deer has never been easier with this gear. Besides that, you can use your harness to face forward while the deer is being dragged behind you.


7. Hunting clothes

Hunting a deer is a very meticulous job, but it is rewarding to bring home a big game. When you're going into the forest, you need to dress for the part. Hunter orange clothing will vary according to your state. Generally, you have to wear a blaze orange above your waist. The ablaze orange hat will also do the trick.


8. Scent elimination

Deer avoid tracks that are full of human scent. If you want to have higher chances of shooting a deer, you need to get rid of your scent. Many hunters use scent elimination products on their boots, clothes, and even hunting gear. If the deer couldn't smell you, you can't give away your presence and be ready when they arrive.



Taking your hunting game to the next level requires commitment, skills, and patience. Now that you know the 2020 general deer hunting season essentials are, you will know what to bring in your hunting day pack. Choosing the right gears and tools will help to increase your chances of bringing home some meat. It also helps you to become a professional hunter in the long run.

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