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Is It Legal To Hunt Bears in the US?

By Sharmaine Ann Bonachita October 15, 2020 0 comments

Bear hunting is an extreme sport that is reserved for serious hunters. If you want to make it on top of your game, consider bear archery. It will test everything you’ve learned in hunting and further develop the skills that you have.

But before you embark on another adventure in the forest, there's one question that you need to know the answer first: is it legal to hunt bears in the US? What types of bears are allowed for hunting?

This article will help you learn different bear hunting practices that will prepare you for your next expedition. Read on to find out how to get started in bear archery.


Is it Legal to Hunt Bears in the US and Canada?

With the rise of conflicting news that tagged bear hunting as cruel and unsporting, it's typical for a hunter to question: is it legal to hunt bears in the US? The last thing you want to experience is being thrown to jail by shooting an arrow at a protected bear species.

To answer the question, yes, bear archery and hunting in the US is legal. However, hunters should be aware of the restrictions imposed in every state, limiting you to what type of bears you're allowed to hunt. The policies also regulate the number of bears that are allowed to be hunted each year. A quick review of bear hunting guidelines will help you prepare yourself before going to the forest.

Is it legal to hunt bears in Canada? Bear hunting is also legal in most Canadian states. Hunters need to follow regulations, and hunting is only allowed within the season. Off-season hunting could lead to the investigation and confiscation of your license.


Is It Legal To Hunt Bears in the US

Is it Legal to Hunt Grizzly Bears?

Now that you know the answer to the question is it legal to hunt grizzly bears, you should know what types of bears to hunt. For instance, grizzly bears remain a controversial topic when it comes to bear archery. Grizzly bears are North American subspecies, and unfortunately, they are tagged as threatened species. However, hunting grizzly bears are still legal in Alaska, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Yukon. The rest of the states that were not mentioned bans hunting of grizzly bears.


What States have the Best Bear Hunting?

If you travel for bear hunting, you should check out states where bear archery is at its best. Idaho remains one of the best states to hunt for bears because they allow fall and spring hunting season. Idaho is also known for having more than 50% colors of bears other than black. Bear tags are cheap, and the major bear hunting types are legal, making it the most appealing state to hunt for bears during the season.


What is the Best Hunting Bow for Bears?

Hunting bears with a bow has become popular recently in the world of hunters. It's because shot rates are higher than the spot and stalk method. Using the best bear archery gears will help you to hunt the bears successfully. You need a heavy-duty bow that can help you to penetrate the bear in a quick, humane death.

Aside from high arrow speed, you need to prioritize deep penetrations. Bears have thick skin and fur. You need to invest in the best hunting bows that are easy to draw and place the shaft on the target consistently. As a bear hunter, you need a bow that you are comfortable holding for long periods. If you prefer the spot-and-stalk method, you need a hunting bow that you'll be able to hold comfortably for a long time.

Hunting bows with a minimum draw weight of 55 pounds should be enough. A lot of manufacturers nowadays are producing hunting bows that are suitable for black bear hunts. If you want a traditional bow, there are recurve and longbows to choose from. It is the ideal choice if you prefer hunting from a treestand or skilled enough to get close to the bear without getting noticed. You can also look for a modern crossbow where it is legal to use.


Is It Legal To Hunt Bears in the US

Final Thoughts

Is it legal to hunt bears? To sum it all, some states legalize bear hunting while others are still conservative about it. Bear hunting is the pride and glory of most hunters. So, pack your best hunting bow and electric hunting bike! Prepare for the season for what could be your biggest game as a hunter.

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