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How to Remove Bow Grip

By Carson November 10, 2020 0 comments

Making your bow grip thinner and lightweight is essential to improve the accuracy. It is one of the tested and proven techniques to take your hunting game to the next level. Hence, it is crucial to learn how to remove the bow grip.

This article will help you learn the actual removal procedure and the benefits of removing your bow grip.


Removing the Bow Grip

Why do most hunters remove the bow grip? Bow grip removal will make it feel cold in your hands and sometimes uncomfortable. However, hunters still opt to remove the bow grip because it makes the weapon lighter. As a result, it improves the accuracy of their shots. Your bow can shoot better without the grip. When you are deer hunting, accuracy is the most important element that you should consider.

The actual process on how to remove a bow grip is easy. First, get the glue hot by using a hairdryer. It can take from five to ten minutes. Next, grab an Allen screw and pry off the bow grip easily. It should be done in just a few minutes if it's using a 3M double-sided tape. Most hunters use this technique because it is hassle-free and can prevent the bow from getting damaged.


How to Make Your Own Bow Grip

In case you damage your bow grip, you can make your own. Buying bow grips separately can be expensive and not a practical purchase if you are on a tight budget. Being resourceful is a trait an avid hunter must possess. Here are the following steps on how to make your own bow grip.


  • Step 1. Most grips have a thin plastic layer on the end that can be a hindrance later on in getting the putty placed. Prepare a knife and start making a criss-cross pattern on your grip. The putty will be placed into these marks, which will be expertly concealed later on.

  • Step 2. Start mixing the putty. Mix it for at least 10 minutes to ensure a nice blend. There shouldn't be any spots, and the color must be distributed evenly.

  • Step 3. Create a small ball of putty and place it on the grip. Push it firmly into a rectangular shape, following the shape of the bow. The shape should be a bit wider and higher so that you can sand it away.

  • Step 4. After this, let the grip harden overnight before sanding it down.

  • Step 5. Sand away the main face of the grip and file all sides.

  • Step 6. For the last step, you can test your new bow grip. Make sure that it’s comfortable to use, allowing you to position your hands properly. It should enable you to rotate your bow arm elbow. Check your sight float as well. A standard grip bow is highly recommended, especially if you are still a beginner. It is more comfortable to use and can serve as your guide in maintaining accuracy.


How to Remove Bow Grip

How to Grip Your Bow

You probably know that proper bow grip is essential in maintaining your accuracy. The way you place your hands on your bow plays a direct impact on your shots. You can improve or ruin your accuracy with your bow grip. Hence, knowing how to grip your bow properly is crucial. If you want to end the season successfully, here are some tips to keep in mind:


1.      Know where to grip the bow.

For starters, your bow must be placed on the pad of your thumb. That way, only a few muscles are involved instead of gripping the bow using your entire hand. Crossing several muscle groups can only add to the tension and lead to inconsistent shots.


2.      Keep your hands relaxed.

The main purpose of the first step is to keep your hand relaxed. You can try experimenting with different angles to see what spots make you comfortable and relaxed at all times.



Take your hunting game one step further by knowing how to remove a bow grip, how to make your own bow grip, and how to practice proper bow grip. These factors can help you to achieve consistent accuracy and ensure the success of your hunting game. Once you’ve mastered accuracy, you’ll be unstoppable in the forest.


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