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How to Hold a Compound Bow

By Carson September 28, 2020 0 comments

Proper hand position is crucial to guarantee a good shot. Mastering how to hold a compound bow will drastically improve your performance. Archery grip is essential for anyone who wants to be a master archer or a professional hunter.

Today, you will learn how to hold your bow correctly. The following guide will go through step by step in holding a bow so you can hit your target without a miss.

Step 1. Avoid the death grip.

Death grip is a term used when an archer holds his bow way too tight. This is rampant among beginners who pick up their bow for the first time. Most of them are so tensed that they can’t concentrate on anything but holding their bows for their dear life.

However, death grip can affect your performance. If you want to learn how to hold a compound bow correctly, get rid of this death grip first. Shooting an arrow requires concentration and skills, but it doesn't mean you should be tensed all the time. If you hold your bow too tight, it would shake after every release and can drain your energy.

However, if the arrow is almost dangling from your hands because you’re too relaxed, it can be dangerous. This rings true if the draw weight of your compound bow is too heavy for you to handle.

Compound Bow

Step 2. Practice proper grip of the bow.

So, how should you hold your compound bow? Holding your compound bow shouldn’t be too tight nor too relaxed. It must be gentle.

It means that your fingers must be fully grasping the compound bow but place it lightly in front for stability. Position your knuckles at about 45 degrees angle. Make sure that your fingers and hands are relaxed but do not lose control of the compound bow. 

Step 3. Position your hand.

Extend your arm when holding a bow. All fingers must be spread apart, and the wrist should be angled to make a V with your thumb and forefinger. This technique works for both left-handed and right-handed people.

Your bow should be settled in the center of the V. using your other hand, pull the bowstring to keep it stable. It will keep the bow in place on you release the arrow. To put it simply, hold your bow as if you’re gripping a pistol.

One of the most important tips in learning how to hold a compound bow is to keep your fingers relaxed at full draw. Avoid squeezing the life out of your bow or be too tensed. You can keep your bow secure by slightly pressing your index finger against the riser. It's also worth investing in a nice wrist sling so you can prevent grabbing the bow after every shot.

Step 4. Releasing the draw.

This hand position will keep the bow stable once you have released the string. Your compound bow shouldn’t shake after a full draw. When it moves, it should only move forward.

If you are a pistol-gripper, you will find this hand position a bit uncomfortable in the first few tries. As much as possible, do not curl your pinky towards the riser. Since learning how to hold a compound bow properly can be tricky, you may opt to decrease the weight until you master the proper hand position.

Step 5. Keep practicing.

The goal here is not to shoot your target accurately but to practice proper hand position of the bow. Hence, you need to keep practicing. Practice every day until you get used to the position. You can start with short-range targets. Don’t worry about not hitting your target but concentrate on using the correct hand position. Until you get comfortable, you can start aiming for bullseye while holding your compound bow properly.

It is also worth investing in a training aid to speed up the process of holding your bow properly. You can go to your nearest archery shop. This product is designed to slid against the first three fingers of your hand so that you can prevent the urge to grab the bow. It also trains your hand to maintain the proper position when shooting.

Final Thoughts

Mastering how to hold a compound bow correctly is your gateway to success. Aside from choosing the right bow, you must also learn to know how to work with it. Keep practicing, and eventually, you will learn how to grip a bow like a pro.

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