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How Much Do Hunting Bows Cost?

By Joe M August 05, 2020 0 comments

If you are interested in bowhunting, you will be overwhelmed by the wide selection of hunting bows. Budget is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a new bow. So the real question is, how much do hunting bows cost?

Unfortunately, there is no specific answer because the price ranges by brand and type of bow. You need to choose which model to purchase: compound, recurve, or crossbow. Assessing your skills is also crucial. There are decent entry-level bows, mid-range bows, and upper-level bows in the market.

Here is a quick overview that will reveal the estimated price of the bows you plan to purchase.

How Much Does a Good Hunting Bow Cost?

If you want to know how much hunting bows cost, refer to the breakdown below.

1. Compound Bows

  •         Entry-level compound bows - $200 to $400
  •         Mid-range compound bows - $400 to $800
  •         High-end compound bows - $800 to $1500

Compound Bows


2. Recurve Bows

  •         Entry-level recurve bows - $100 to $200
  •         Mid-level recurve bows - $200 to $500
  •         Olympic style recurve bows - $1000 to $1500

Recurve bow

How Much are the Hunting Bow's Accessories?

Now that you know how much hunting bows cost, proceed to estimate the essential accessories that you need to start hunting. In order to make accurate shots, you need to equip your bow with the right fixtures that can improve your performance. Here's a quick breakdown of the required accessories to start bow hunting and its price:

  •         Hard case - $40 to $60
  •         6-pack arrows - $35 to $45
  •         Kisser button - $5 to $10
  •         One pack of arrowheads - $9 to $15
  •         Single jaw release - $80 to $100
  •         3-pack of cedar scented wafers - $9 to $15

How Much is a Hunting License?

Before you can officially go hunting, you need to pay for the hunting license first. This license will allow you to shoot animals in the forest legally. Most states use the funds from hunting licenses, taxes, and equipment to finance various wildlife restoration projects and preserve the environment.

An online bowhunting class can help you get started. You need to pass the test to get the general hunting license, and it costs $30. Once you have your permission, you are ready to go. 

What Makes a Good Hunting Bow?

Knowing how much hunting bow costs is not the only thing you need to consider. Aside from the budget, you need to pick the best bow within your budget range. Here are the following factors to consider when purchasing a hunting bow.

1. Accuracy

Hunters rely heavily on accuracy to determine their win or loss in the game. You may want to invest in an accurate hunting bow to increase your chances of shooting down that game. However, an accurate bow doesn’t automatically make you an accurate hunter. It only gives you the best opportunities to make a precise shot.

2. Adjustability

When you are in the field, your moves should be silent and calculated. You need a hunting bow that is easy to adjust. Adjusting the draw length on your own should be easy. Even changing the draw length can be necessary when you are in the field.

3. Materials used

You will want your hunting bow to last for a long time. Hence, make sure to examine the materials used for your hunting bow. High-end hunting bows are made of carbon risers or machined aluminum. Mid-range bows are often made of composite material. As much as possible, choose a durable yet lightweight material for your bow.

Cheaper bows do not necessarily mean poor quality. Pay attention to the limbs and cams. Avoid bows that have more plastic parts as it would most likely break when you are hunting. If you want to achieve the ultimate hunting experience, you need to invest in a quality bow that will suit your needs.


Now that you know how much hunting bows cost, you can use it as your guide in picking the best bow for you. If we’re talking about the lower price end, it’s possible to get a decent hunting bow for $300. It doesn't matter if you have a little or high budget; you can still get the best bow for hunting.

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