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Complete Hunter’s Guide: Are Recurve Bows Good for Hunting?

By Joe M July 10, 2020 0 comments

There are a plethora of tools for bowhunters nowadays, including rifles, bows, and axes. These tools are engineered to provide maximum efficacy, durability, and reliability. It helps to increase your chances of hunting your games effectively in the forest.

However, traditional tools remained widely used among hunters. It is simple and can withstand heavy-duty use. Moreover, these tools are made of durable materials such as fiberglass and wood that are long-lasting and enduring. Switching to traditional hunting tools is preferable and considered an art because it requires skills and discipline to use a recurve bow effectively. Now, the question is, are recurve bows good for hunting?

Today, you will learn how to choose the best recurve bows and use it for bowhunting. This guide will help you to pin down the best bow that will suit your needs.

Complete Hunter’s Guide Are Recurve Bows Good for Hunting

Are Recurve Bows Good for Hunting?

Perhaps you’ve seen most of the recurve bows in an archery competition and ask yourself the same question, are recurve bows good for hunting? Some bows are built for Olympic competitions, and some are designed for hunting games.

The answer to your question is a resounding yes. Recurve bows are ideal for game hunting because it can reach longer distances. It allows you to hit your target from a distance without startling other creatures in the forest.

Recurve bows give you the perfect trajectory and utmost speed. It has been a useful hunting tool for decades and continues to be a helpful weapon until today.


Tips in Choosing the Best Recurve Bows for Hunting

Now that you’ve answered the question, are recurve bows good for hunting, it’s time to shop for the best model. Below is a guide that can help you choose the right hunting bow that suits your needs.


1. Know your purpose.

Pinning down your purpose helps you to choose the best recurve bow that suits your needs. Since you are going to use it for hunting, you need to narrow down your bow that features thicker arrows. It has higher chances of penetrating animal skin compared to recurve bows that are made for target practice.

Recurve bows for hunting must also feature a draw weight of around 45 pounds. It is ideal for targeting elk, deer, and turkey. But if your target game is buffalo, bear, or oxen, you should consider a recurve bow with up to 55 pounds of draw weight.


2.    Check the brace height.

Another consideration when buying a recurve bow is the brace height. It refers to the distance between the string and the deepest grip portion. 

Recurve bows do not have a fixed brace height, unlike compound bows. You need to refer to your manufacturer for the recommended height.

As a general rule of thumb, if the bow is longer, so is the brace height.


3.    Inspect the hunting arrow.

A hunting arrow for a recurve bow is crucial. You should only use arrows that match the bow's draw weight and length. It provides consistency when you release the arrow. 

It is a common practice to cut the arrow longer so it can provide proper clearance. It also prevents the hand from contacting the bow. You can use helical fletching to stabilize the arrow.

Aside from that, additional weight can increase penetration. This is essential when you are hunting. Hitting the vital parts and making the wound channel as long as possible will ensure that your target can't escape.


4.    Select the appropriate riser.

Choosing the right riser will depend on the budget you have. Hence, you need to invest in the best and appropriate riser for your recurve bow. The riser refers to the bow's foundation, so you need to choose one that can withstand heavy-duty use in the long run.

Going to an archery shop to choose the riser is advisable. That way, you can pick up and feel the riser's weight, even inspect the materials that it is made of. Most of the shops also offer a test riser to find the right model for your bow better.

Some risers are made of wood, carbon, or metal. Carbon and wooden risers are lightweight, but it requires extra stabilizer. Aluminum risers, on the other hand, are so rugged. Wooden risers are for those who want to hunt traditionally while carbon and metal risers are perfect if you're going to utilize technology while hunting.


5.    Choose the right string.

Now that you know that recurve bows are good for hunting, proceed to choose the right string. In an archery shop, you will find a wide selection of strings from lengths, thicknesses, and materials. You need to buy the right length of string for your recurve bow if you want a more accurate shooting.

Also, it is advisable to use a tied nocking point instead of brass as it helps with the longevity of the finger tab and string.

There are also many colors available for strings, but most archers and hunters prefer muted white. You don't want to draw any attention to yourself by parading a brightly-colored string to the forest nor distract yourself when you're about to release the arrow with your colorful string. Sometimes when the weather is too hot, the color reflects. But rest assured that it won't affect the strings nor the performance of your recurve bow when targeting a game.


6. Check the sight.

Invest in a quality sight when buying kits for your recurve bow. Poor quality sight is most likely to get broken after several uses, and it can be challenging to adjust.

Some sights require little to no adjustment. Its micro-adjustable parts and high-quality materials can help to achieve a more accurate shot. It is also made in durable materials that can serve you for years to come.



Now that you’ve answered the question are recurve bows good for hunting, and you know how to choose your bow, it’s time to purchase the right model. The best recurve bow will take your hunting skills to the next level. Start browsing today to find out the best bow for you. 

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