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Bow Hunting Guide For Beginners

By Joe M July 09, 2020 0 comments

Bowhunting is considered an art to many due to the challenges that it offers. In order to hunt successfully, the hunter must have patience, skills, and determination. How you approach your target game plays a crucial part in the field. As a beginner, you need expert advice to get started. Here is a comprehensive bow hunting guide that can help you succeed in hunting season.


9 Tips in Bow Hunting Season

Here are the following tips that will serve as your bow hunting guide when you are in the field. It helps you make a better decision that will guarantee your hunt's success for the season.


1. Be patient in the field.

As mentioned earlier, you need to be patient when you are in the field. This valuable advice works great even for professional hunters. Do not get impatient or antsy and call it a day if you haven’t spotted any creature in a while. Stick around for longer hours and be on the look. Some successful hunts are done in the early or late-season hunts. It doesn’t always have to be the exact time and place that you can hit your target. The more experience you gain, the more you’ll realize how vital it is to stick around and wait for the game.


2. Familiarize the field.

Before you gather your bow and other tools, you need to sit down first and know the lay of your hunting field. It helps you to determine a different trail that your target game could be traveling. That way, you can set up your bow in a perfect spot.

To know your target area before, you can set up some trail cameras in the bush or the trees' trunk. Make sure to record the entire duration of the season. This expert bow hunting guide allows you to determine if the deer or any of your target game changes their traveling habits throughout the season. It also gives you an idea of the time and place to set up your bow and wait for your target.


3. Consider wind conditions.

Wind conditions are so important in bow hunting, but many hunters neglect it. Carrying a wind detection tool is crucial, especially if you are hunting for a deer. There is nothing more frustrating than the wind messing up your hunting game. Considering the wind conditions will help you learn that even slight breezes have a big impact on your game.

Bow Hunting Guide For Beginners

4. Always shoot fast.

Some bowhunters prioritize accuracy over speed. Sure, it is nice to be able to shoot accurately, but it wouldn't matter if you miss your target. Us a heavy arrow to shoot fast without compromising the trajectory. You will have higher chances of penetration if you do this, and it also gives a lot of momentum. Always shoot fast because if you miss it, it will be just another nonlethal shot that will startle other creatures and give away your location.


5. Invest in quality accessories.

Did you know that even professional and highly-skilled bow hunters use accessories in hunting? It can improve your accuracy, no matter the skill level you have. With the right accessories, you will have higher chances of hitting and penetrating your target. Hence, always ask for an expert’s advice when you are in an archery shop. Any accessory that can improve your accuracy is worth the investment.


6. Practice before the hunting season.

Do not let your bow sitting in the cabinet and gathering dust during the non-hunting season. It's best to use this time to prepare and shoot more. Practice shooting with every chance you get. That way, you will have no regrets when the big buck finally shows up in your lane. Remember that you will only have one chance before you startle the buck and other creatures. You need to shoot wisely.

Aside from that, you need to practice while considering your hunting field. There are some elevations or obstacles that could get in the way when you’re shooting in the forest. If you’re hunting during the cold season, make sure to protect yourself by wearing multiple layers of clothes. Waiting for several hours in the cold will be rendered useless if you’re freezing and unable to make proper shooting.


7. Prioritize your safety.

As a hunter, you must prioritize your safety when you are in the wild. This is one of the most vital parts in bowhunting guide, but it is often ignored, especially by novices. Investing in a safety harness can help you in a lot of unexpected situations. The last thing you want to experience is hurting your back from falling or slipping while shooting. You are most likely to climb trees and other elevated areas, so wearing a lifeline is also a good investment.


8. Control your scent.

Bucks are very sensitive to scents. Your human scent can give away your location and ruins your chance to hunt a big buck. Hence, you need to eliminate or at least minimize your scent before going into the forest. Spraying down your feet is a good start. Bucks will always avoid areas with a human scent, so it's best not to risk your chances.

9. Never startle the game.

If you want to take your chances hunting during the pre-hunting season, you need to make sure that you don't startle the game. If bucks sense that you are pressing on them and invading their territory, they will most likely escape from your property the entire season. You will want the deer to think that your hunting field is safe for them to travel. Mature bucks can be challenging to hunt, so you need to play it smart, be patient, and pay attention. You will only have one opportunity to hit your target, so you need to be clever.



Your success during the hunting season is only determined by your skills, commitment, and patient. Follow this bow hunting guide, and you will have higher chances of hitting your game. Even if you are still a beginner, you can level up your game by thinking like a real hunter.

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