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What are the Three Essential Accessories for Bow Hunting?

By Joe M July 22, 2020 0 comments

Now that you’ve found the perfect compound bow, it is time to get the accessories that you need. If you want your shots to be more accurate and increase your chances of successful hunting, you need some accessories.

With the plethora of accessories that you can find online and in an archery shop, the first question is, what are the three essential accessories for bow hunting?

Let's face it—both the bow and the accessories aren't cheap. Hence, you need to narrow your list to the top three accessories that you can't go into the field without. Today, you're going to learn these three essential accessories and some tips that would make the accessory shopping more convenient and meaningful.


Top Three Essential Accessories for Bow Hunting

What are the three essential accessories for bow hunting? The following items are crucial to help you get the most out of your compound bow:


1. Arrow rest

This accessory is crucial if you’re shooting with a compound bow. It works by stabilizing the arrow and guiding it safely when shooting. It also helps you to make accurate and precise shots. Here are the following types of arrow rests:

  •  Drop-Away Arrow Rest – this is common among hunters and archers. It functions by securing your arrow until you release the drawstring. When shopping for a drop-away arrow rest, look for Apex, Quality Archery, and Ripcord.
  • Containment Arrow Rest ­– this type of arrow rest will compress your arrow, securing it into place while positioning yourself to shoot. It does not make any contact with the vanes. Many archers claim that the containment arrow rests help in making accurate shots.


2. Silencer

X-factor String Factor String Silencers Black 500 Pk.

When you are in the forest, it is crucial to erase any traces of your presence. Eliminating your human scent isn’t enough. You need to produce as little noise as possible. Hence, consider investing in a silencer.

A silencer transforms any hunting bow into a silent and deadly bow. For instance, string leeches will reduce the noise produced by the strings without compromising the speed of the bow.

Sometimes, archers use a stabilizer to reduce noise. It can absorb the vibration to ensure that you can fire without making so much noise. Not to mention that a stabilizer will upgrade the overall look of your compound bow. Many hunters consider this item a must-have accessory.

You can also consider investing in a quiver and sights. It functions by absorbing vibration and minimizing the noise. If you have split limb bows, you can buy vibration dampeners to fit in between the bow's limbs. As a result, you can have a smoother, quieter shot. When buying silencers, make sure that it is lightweight; otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of noise reduction.


3. Bow release

Hunters and archers share common goals when shooting: shot after shot consistency. If you are wondering, what are the three essential accessories for bow hunting? The bow release would complete the list. Choosing the best bow release for your recurve bow is crucial. Here are the different types of bow release that are available in the market:

  •         Wrist Release – this is the most popular type of release. It works by attaching the release to your wrist. When you pull the trigger, the jaw will open and clamp into the “D” loop. It is similar to using a firearm. This bow release ensures security when drawing the bow.
  •         Hand-held release – this release comes in smaller sizes and allows you to use up to four fingers when drawing the bow. You can use your pinky, thumb, or back tension triggers. The thumb trigger is different from a normal index finger trigger and can be challenging to use. Master archers have already mastered this technique.


Tips in Buying Accessories for your Hunting Bow

 Now that you know what are the three essential accessories for bow hunting, it’s time to shop. Here are the following tips to keep in mind when you are shopping for accessories that will go well with your compound bow:


Know your basic needs.

Hunting requires more than just a bow and several arrows. Knowing which bow is suitable for your hunting needs will make it easier to buy the accessories later on. Keep in mind that recurve and compound bows require different gears compared to other types of bows. Hence, it is crucial to visit your local archery shop and ask for an expert’s advice.


Ask for guidance from an expert.

When buying for the first time, some questions need to be answered. For instance, is it worth the investment to buy new gear, or should you settle for a secondhand? Experts at the archery shop know the answer to your questions. They can also measure the most appropriate draw length for you. Aside from that, when you buy a bow from their shop, they can help pick out the right accessories to use.


Upgrade one accessory at a time.

The gears and accessories for bow hunting come in a wide selection and different price ranges. No rule requires a hunter to buy all accessories to ensure an accurate shot. Similar to other sporting gears, you can always upgrade your hunting bow and accessories later on. Do not pressure yourself into buying all accessories suggested for you.


Join the community.

If you want to expand your knowledge about hunting and buying the right bows and accessories, you should consider joining the community. Expert hunters can advise and even let you try the equipment to see if it's suitable for you. As you go on, you will also learn about the benefits of different setups and what suits you the best when shooting.



Now that you know what are the three essential accessories for bow hunting, you can start browsing the market. When you equip yourself with the right information, you can choose the right accessories for your bow. Using the most suitable equipment contributes to your development as a professional hunter in the long run.

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