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How to Shoot a Wicked Ridge Crossbow

By Joe M July 28, 2020 0 comments

Knowing how to shoot a bow accurately is your gateway to success. If you want to become a skilled hunter or archer, you need to learn past the basics of picking up a bow and pointing it at your target.

Today, you will learn how to shoot a Wicked Ridge crossbow. This company is best known for producing high-quality crossbows and using advanced technologies that are suitable both for novice and pro hunters. This is the only American-built crossbows with the highest quality in the market. It also features the world's most unique crossbow technologies for your optimal convenience. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you to learn how to use a crossbow effectively.


How to Shoot a Wicked Ridge Crossbow

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to shoot a Wicked Ridge crossbow correctly. However, keep in mind that you can always refer to your manufacturer's instructions for finer details as crossbows' anatomy may vary.


Step 1: Load the Crossbow.

Set the cocking device and position your foot into the stirrup. Those who prefer not to use a cocking device can reach and grasp the strings with both hands. Keep both hands on the rail and hook the string using your ring, middle, and index fingers. The thumb should always be on the rail side, so the string doesn't tilt when cocking the crossbow.

Now, slowly stand up while pulling the string in an upward position. You can only stop pulling when it is beneath the arrow-retention spring. It should be latched into place to ensure your safety. You will hear a click to know that you’re in a “safe” position.


Step 2: Prepare your stance.

Now, prepare the stance you’ve been practicing for a while. In order to learn how to shoot a Wicked Ridge crossbow effectively, you must practice a proper stance.

Stand square with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your shoulders should be set square to your target object.


Step 3: Load.

Keep your other hand to support the crossbow's weight and detach the bolt from the quiver. Put it on the rail. You will see the odd-colored vane that should be put down to slide smoothly through the groove in the rail. Make sure that it is positioned firmly against the string. It shouldn't slide further and disengage the safety.


Step 4: Aim at your target.

Your crossbow should always be pointing away from people. Using your non-dominant hand, reach for the foregrip center. Both your finger and thumb should be positioned below the crossbow rail.

Now, place your trigger hand on the grip. Keep your finger away from the trigger and place the buttstock against your shoulder blades. Your cheek should be seated onto the stock. That way, you can bring your dominant eye in line with the bow's sight. Only after you've aligned your sight with the target, push the safety into a "fire" position.


Step 5: Shoot your target.

Ensure that the sight is settled on your target object before pressing the trigger with your index finger and fire the crossbow.


Step 6: Focus on your target.

Don't lose sight of your target! You should pour all your concentration to the target throughout the shot and prepare yourself to shoot again whenever necessary.


Tips in Using a Wicked Ridge Crossbow

Wicked Ridge Rdx 400 Crossbow Package Acudraw

Here are the following tips to keep in mind when learning how to shoot a Wicked Ridge crossbow:


Get a comfortable crossbow.

If you want to achieve accurate shots, you must get a comfortable crossbow. The size and weight should be appropriate for you. Make sure that your crossbow is well-made and built to last. If you plan to take it to the next hunting level, we suggest choosing a mid-range crossbow right away.


Accessorize your crossbow.

Accessorizing your crossbow will help you to guarantee success in hunting. Arrows in crossbows are called bolts. The bolts should be made of quality materials, sharp, and resilient to harsh weather; otherwise, you would result in a non-lethal shot.



Now that you know how to shoot a Wicked Ridge crossbow, you can start hunting and shooting right away! Of course, practicing as much as possible is the only key to success. The Wicked Ridge crossbow is an excellent hunting tool. In the hands of a master hunter, this bow can bring success in the field.

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