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Different Types of Bows for Hunting Every Hunter Must Know

By Bri Jones June 30, 2020 0 comments

Hunting is one of the recreational sports that you can enjoy if spending time in the woods is your idea of fun. Whether you're hunting for fun or livelihood, knowing the right type of bow to use will save you from problems later on.

There are different types of bows for hunting that every hunter must know. There are basic tools for shooting birds to sophisticated tools like targeting an elk. These bows are made to suit your needs and engineered to be precise and accurate. Learning the difference among these bows will guarantee you successful hunting.

Why Should You Use Bow When Hunting?

There are indeed a plethora of hunting tools that you can use, but why should you choose bow? Bowhunting is considered an art as it requires the skills and precision of the hunter to hit the target. Here are the following benefits of using bows when hunting:

Hunting season is longer and abundant.

If you hunt with a bow, you can enjoy a more extended season that can last for months compared to hunting with a rifle that only lasts for two weeks. Bow season also starts earlier, giving you the advantage of hunting bigger games. This season is more abundant with games compared to the time for rifle and muzzleloaders.

It enhances your hand-eye coordination.

Bowhunting can improve your hand-eye coordination. Shooting your target requires strength, balance, and coordination. If you hunt using a bow, you can develop these skills in no time. Notice how archery students have excellent coordination between their hands and eyes; you can also achieve that.

Bows are quiet and deadly.

The bow is your best friend when you are executing a stealth mission. It does not produce a sound when the arrow disconnects from the bow and shoots your target dead.

It is also preferable due to its lack of muzzle flash that can give away other creatures in the surroundings. Thanks to its sudden silence, you can hit your target without a sound. It is a preferable choice compared to the echoing gunfire when using a rifle.

Different Types of Bows for Hunting Every Hunter Must Know

Bowhunting is an excellent form of exercise

Are you looking for a fun activity that can be a form of exercise? Choose hunting, you can spend your day in the field with an electric hunting bike and a bow. It will surely end up your day fun and fulfilled.

A shooter can enhance his target-directed motor skills in no time. Most of the hunters prefer using a bow because of the skills they learn from it. In order to hit your target, you need to keep your composure, balance, and another set of skills. It can be difficult, but the results are often more rewarding compared to shooting with a rifle.

Different Types of Bow for Hunting

Now that you know the benefits of using a bow when hunting, you need to learn the different types of bow for hunting. It will help you choose the best bow to suit your needs when you're in the forest.

Recurve Bow

Martin Mamba Recurve Bow 58 In. 55 Lbs. Lh

This bow is often seen at a shooting competition and also used for target practice. Even Olympic archers use this bow. Its materials are usually wood laminates, wood, or fiberglass.

It is a simple bow that features two sturdy limbs connected at the riser. The strings are attached to the end of the limbs. The riser often features an arrow and sight rest. It is a preferred bow for beginners because it is easy to use.

When using a recurve bow for say, hunting a deer, remember that you are on your own. There are no accessories that you can attach to the bow. Hence, you need to rely on your skills and strength.

Traditional bow

Ten Point Nitro Xrt Crossbow Package Acudraw Pro

This bow has been used for decades and remains one of the most challenging bows to use when hunting. It is also called a longbow or straight bow. There are only two parts in this hunting tool—the bow and the string. If you want your hunting to be more challenging, you can use this bow.

There is no assistance, no rests, or sights when shooting with this bow. You rely purely on your skills to aim, draw, and fire your arrow. You can purchase or make a bow for yourself at home. Just remember that when making a traditional bow for hunting, you need to give a heavier draw weight for greater use.


Compound bow

Compound bow

This bow is a bit complex and has multiple moving parts. Hunters love to use this bow because it is quick and precise. The bow features pulleys, cables, and levering system to ensure that the shot will be accurate. The function of the pulley system is to make it easier to draw the arrow. However, it is not ideal for beginners because drawing the arrow requires so much strength and aiming at the target to fire.

It is the best choice for targeting large, moving animals such as whitetail deer. You can customize its draw weights to make the most of it when in the forest. Most compound bows are made of fiberglass or aluminum.


Barnett Hyperghost 405 Crossbow

Crossbow is one of the different types of bows for hunting that is unique and reliable. It resembles a rifle and often used in archery. It features a trigger that will fire the arrow. This is the best bow to use if you are a beginner because it doesn't require much force and is easier to use.

Aside from that, it is very accurate and quiet. Hunters love to use this bow when targeting small, agile animals. It also works best when firing at long distances. This makes it an ideal hunting tool to target a whitetail deer without startling it and other creatures in the forest.


It is crucial to know the different types of bows for hunting because the type of hunting tool you use will play a big part later on. Before you visit your local outfitter, you must know exactly what you want. For instance, if you are still a beginner, a crossbow or compound bow is best. But if you're going to impose challenge when hunting, a recurve bow or longbow is what you should get. When you have the right bow, rest assured that you can target your game in the forest.

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