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6 Essential Compound Bow Shooting Tips for Beginners

By Joe M July 06, 2020 0 comments

In order to shoot an arrow from a compound bow, one must have a set of required skills. Getting taught from an archery instructor is helpful. But since not everyone can afford to join an archery club, you can learn the basics on your own.

Today, you are going to learn about the six essential compound bow shooting tips for beginners. This article will help you to prepare for shooting your first arrow safely. It also entails some of the most critical techniques that you need to remember when using a compound bow.

6 Essential Compound Bow Shooting Tips for Beginners


Preparing Your Bow

Before you get into shooting your first arrow, you must know how to prepare your bow first. The longevity of your bowstring will depend heavily on how you take care of it. Replacing it every year can be costly, so the best you can do is maintain its durability.

To maintain your bowstring, it is advisable to invest in a bowstring wax. This product is available in most archery shops. Applying the wax into the strings will keep it looking and functioning well as new. Put some wax into the strings every day, and you will see how long your strings can last.

When applying the wax, pay attention to the bowstrings. It must not get inundated with dirt after the wax application. If so, take it as a warning to replace your compound bow as soon as possible.

If you have extra dollars, you can also have your bowstrings checked by an expert to ensure there are no underlying issues. Using a dysfunctional bow can risk your safety and the surrounding people when shooting an arrow.


Tips for Compound Bow Shooting

So, you have prepared your compound bow, and you are ready for some shooting. It is a thrilling and exciting experience. Here are the following compound bow shooting tips for beginners that you need to know before picking up your arrow.

6 Essential Compound Bow Shooting Tips for Beginners

1. Invest in a high-quality bow sling.

Twisting the bow when holding it is a commonly shared gesture among professionals and novices. Before releasing the bow, you torque it to the left or right, depending on your dominant hand.

With this in mind, it’s crucial to invest in a high-quality bow sling. When attached to a stabilizer, you can rest assured that it’s not going to drop your bow when you shot and release.

Bow slings function by stabilizing the bow, keeping you safe, and preventing you from losing the compound bow. It also helps to lengthen the longevity of your cables and strings. Bow slings are a must-have when you’re exploring rough terrains. It helps to keep your hunting weapon protected and makes the hunting experience easier as a beginner.


2. Relax your entire body.

Relaxing your entire body is needed when shooting a compound bow. Your head, legs, feet, and hands must be at ease to ensure proper stance and aim. This is one of the important compound bow shooting tips for beginners that are often overlooked by eager beginners.

You can try inhaling and exhaling several times before picking up your bow. Your fingers must be hanging so that your entire body will not tense.


3. Keep a proper stance.

One of the most crucial compound bow shooting tips for beginners is keeping a proper stance before releasing the arrow. Most novices ignore this essential process and in a rush to become a better shooter. You need to know that anyone can hold an arrow, but it takes an excellent shooter to maintain a proper stance.

The stance is the foundation of your archery. It cannot be ignored. Even when you try different kinds of archery, you will still need a proper stance.

In order to master proper stance, start practicing without a bow. Draw a “shooting line” on the floor. Then, place each of your feet on the side of the line. In archery or hunting, you will achieve better stability if you don’t keep your feet close together. It prevents you from getting thrown off balance quickly.


4. Release within seven seconds.

Both pros and novices practice shooting within seven seconds. Even when you're in a competition or the woods hunting, you need to release the bow within seven seconds because it is only the amount of time before you get distracted by something else.

It also ensures a safe and accurate shot if you fire within these precious seven seconds.


5. Only fire when you are ready.

Another tip for beginners learning compound bow shooting is firing when you are ready. You want your shot to be a surprise rather than taking too much of your time deliberating it.

One of the mistakes most beginners commit is timing their shot. Do not pressure yourself into firing in precisely three seconds. But you also don't want to fire without thinking about it.

Within the seven seconds of the allotted time, only fire when you know you are ready. Pressuring yourself into firing within a specific amount of time can result in an inaccurate shooting.


6. Never punch the trigger.

When you're using a compound bow for hunting, it can be challenging to overcome the habit of punching the trigger. To break this habit, you can draw your finger that rests behind the trigger for the release. Consider investing in a trigger release for better results. This product is available in most archery shops.

A trigger release is convenient because it needs little force before it's going to let go. Many archers and hunters use trigger release for accurate shots. Gripping hard is only necessary if you are going to do a full draw. An excellent grip can be done by resting the center of your hand on the trigger.



If you want to become a master archer or hunter, dedicate your time and effort to it. Along with these compound bow shooting tips for beginners, you need to strengthen your body as well. Strength training, such as lunges, squats, and planking, can improve your performance. If you stay on this path and remain committed to the arrow's way, you will become a master archer someday without burning a hole in your pocket by enrolling in an archery school.

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